ProctorFree - NCTA14 Exhibitor

Going to conferences can sometimes be hit-or-miss as an exhibitor. Attendance is usually an estimated number, the exhibit hall might have an awkward layout, and you can get poor table placement. None of that happened last week – NCTA14 rocked!

The organizers did a fantastic job with the layout of the hall, we weren’t cramped, and we had so much fun with our table neighbors from Labyrinth Learning, Turning Technologies, and Scantron.

In addition to all of the exhibit related items, the attendees were a highly engaged and passionate about student services and academic integrity. It’s rare for someone like me who loves online education and protecting exam integrity to be around so many people who feel the same way. I could literally walked up to someone and say “Do you love online testing as much as I do?” and every response was a hearty “Yes!”

The ProctorFree team will definitely be returning to NCTA15 – next year in Sunny St. Pete, Florida!