Meet Nick!

Nestled in the hills of Northeast Pennsylvania is a mild-mannered man who lives in seclusion, spending his days looking at black-and-white screens full of text, working towards his goals of building awesomeness and delivering stability to the users of ProctorFree’s services.

This mild-mannered is Nick Santiago, our DevOps Engineer. In his daily work, he works on various projects to increase the stability and uptime of ProctorFree’s software platform, as well as tending to the emotional and nutritional needs of our infrastructure.

Coming to ProctorFree is a full-circle trip of sorts for Nick, as his first tech job was actually working as the system administrator for a K-8 parochial school. From there, he’s worked in the non-profit sector, as well as a couple of software companies.

When asked why he loves working at ProctorFree, he tells us that “it’s great to be part of a great team, with great people with the goal of making education more accessible to everyone.”

In addition to putting out the occasional fire at ProctorFree, he puts out actual fires. No, really. In his spare time, he’s also a Captain at the Freemansburg and Bethlehem Township fire departments in Pennsylvania.  (Proof of this, below).

Thank you Nick for all your hard work. We enjoy having you on the ProctorFree team!