ProctorFree Summer Interns 2015

There are three new team members around our office!

Their bios below will show you just why we’re so thrilled to have them join the team this summer.


Sudeep is a graduate student pursuing a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

So Sudeep, why intern at ProctorFree?

“First and foremost, ProctorFree is one of the most successful technology startups in the Charlotte area. That being said my personal career goal is to work in a challenging environment to get great experience and to give my career a great start. I believe real learning starts when you start your job and there is no better way to learn than to work with like minded individuals.”

Sudeep loves to play guitar, hike, cook (after a couple of drinks of course!), and surf the web to figure out how to solve his problems without actually doing anything about them!



Alex is an rising junior at Georgia Tech pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

So Alex, why intern at ProctorFree?

“ProctorFree is giving me the chance to get involved with a growing business, and explore what a startup truly is, while also deepening my involvement with higher education and online learning, which have both become prevalent in my life.”

Alex enjoys dancing, rock climbing, fly-boarding, and chess.  On the weekends he likes to hang out with friends on the lake or somewhere outdoors.


Chase will be a senior at Appalachian State University on his way to getting a bachelors in Computer Science.

So Chase, why intern at ProctorFree?

“ProctorFree is a great local startup, so being able to work with a successful business with a great staff and mission while also getting to be a part of its major growth and development is an awesome opportunity.”


Chase likes working on cars, listening to music, tinkering with sound equipment, playing basketball, and hanging out at the lake.


We are excited to be working with these guys, and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table this summer!