ProctorFree-Chosen to Participate in RevTech Labs at Packard Place

ProctorFree was recently selected to participate in RevTech Labs’ business start up accelerator at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC. The business start up accelerator provides a community for entrepreneurs to expand their companies with opportunities for mentorship and networking. ProctorFree is 1 of only 10 companies chosen to participate in the program.

ProctorFree will spend the next three months at Packard Place learning how to quickly grow the company with the help and advice of angel investors, venture capitalists, and tech entrepreneurs located in Charlotte. Activities will include social networking events, private mentoring, pitch presentation practices, and presentations from patent experts, investment companies, and tech experts. “We are most excited about the connections we will be making in Charlotte.” stated Mike Murphy, Co-Founder at ProctorFree. He went on to say, “Charlotte is a burgeoning city for tech entrepreneurship and we are proud to be contributing to the influx of start up companies in the area.”

The three month program will conclude with a Demo Day where investors will hear pitches from the RevTech Labs companies. At this event, investors will hear about the successes of each company and their growth since beginning the program. From there, investors can choose to invest in companies and be a part of their future growth.

Packard Place is quickly becoming the hub for like-minded entrepreneurs in Charlotte. Located in uptown Charlotte, Packard Place is convenient to large area businesses including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Duke Energy. The centralized location makes it an easy place for successful entrepreneurs, start up companies, and other business leaders to connect and share stories and experiences. As stated on their website; “The mission of Packard Place is to develop fast-growth businesses and the professional community to drive them. Its focus and motto is to build community, entrepreneurialism, and innovation in Charlotte.”

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