ProctorFree - Colleges Rewarded for Affordability?

There has been much controversy over rising tuition rates in colleges since the economic recession. While other industries slashed prices to increase consumer confidence, colleges across the nation steadily raised tuition rates to make up for lost state funding. These dramatic increases forced many students to drop out or put their college education on hold. Many students protested in hopes that their frustrations would create major change while college administration saw no real way to avoid tuition hikes because of government cutbacks.

In the most recent State of the Union, Obama sparked serious interest when he mentioned a new plan to consider value and affordability when doling out federal financial aid to colleges and universities. In essence, colleges that can provide a top notch education at an affordable price will be given more funding over those who cannot. This may be the solution the public needs to govern colleges better since there’s never been a real solution to govern this issue.

In November, Florida Governor Rick Scott challenged state colleges to create bachelor’s degree programs for $10,000 or less, approximately $3,000 under the average for state colleges. Florida colleges jumped at the opportunity and have all agreed to the challenge. Scott has created a lot of buzz throughout the state but it’s been mostly positive as colleges see the opportunity to bring more students in while the public eyes a chance at an education that might not have been an option a couple of years ago.

Some critics are concerned about costs vs. quality. How will a college decrease costs while still maintaining a quality education that provides some value to a student? Fortunately, our nation has vigorous accrediting bodies that maintain high standards for colleges. Colleges will be forced to learn the special formula that will please both parties. Those that do, should come out on top.

Colleges coming on board have all agreed on one thing-online education is the key to affordable tuition. Online education is significantly cheaper for educators. There’s no building maintenance, student housing issues, utilities, etc to deal with. Colleges can reach thousands more students without the limitations of what their college campus can hold.

The key for colleges is to create an online learning environment that is just as valuable as a traditional classroom. But how will colleges maintain academic trust and integrity without an instructor in front of the students at all times? One solution is ProctorFree. ProctorFree gives colleges the peace of mind that classes and assignments are not being compromised while students can enjoy the user-friendly system that doesn’t require travel to testing centers to complete assignments.

Colleges may deal with steep learning curves as instructors learn new teaching methods and technologies. However, having tools like ProctorFree can increase instructors’ confidence in the system and avoid serious integrity and accreditation issues down the road.

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