ProctorFree-ProctorFree Becomes NCTA Member Institution

ProctorFree is proud to announce our recent membership  into the National College Testing Association (NCTA), a non-profit organization focused on promoting quality in testing services and programs. With over 1300 members, testing professionals can collaborate to share best practices and research in test proctoring.

ProctorFree is excited about the opportunity to connect with other professionals and become a valuable resource for testing centers and schools. By joining the NCTA, we hope to garner interest in online proctoring and educate others on the benefits of online proctoring for distance education students including decreased costs, less travel, and added convenience. As an advocate for online education, our mission will be to increase its availability and access to students with easy, affordable online proctoring services.

For Students

ProctorFree’s NCTA membership signifies our quality standards for proctoring solutions. Students can be certain that their online proctor follows rigorous standards to assure their testing experience is positive. Students can be confident in asking their school to use ProctorFree’s online proctoring service because we are an NCTA member which is recognized by hundreds of institutions in the nation.

From the NCTA Website:

NCTA is dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs, including issues relating to test administration, test development, test scoring and assessment. The objectives of the organization are to enhance professional testing practices, offer opportunities for professional development, encourage professional support activities, and advance collaborative efforts among testing professionals, testing companies, and other policy-making agencies.

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