New Heartbeat Identity Verification Product

Never worry about remembering passwords, your heart could be the only key you need. New tech gadget, the Nymi; a wireless wristband that uses your heartbeat to validate your identity. Bionym Incorporation’s CEO, Karl Martin, hopes Nymi can replace passwords and change our interaction with the internet. Recently Google has expressed their interest in this new way of identity authentication.

The Nymi is a comfortable and lightweight wristband with the idea that wearers will forget it’s even there. A metal sensor located on the underside of the wristband reads your unique heartbeat signature in just a few seconds and sends the confirmation to a device connected via Bluetooth. The Nymi must be integrated with the device the user chooses and will lock the device once the user steps away. This is one of many security measures Bionym integrated to insure Nymi sends the information only to authorized devices.

Makers of Nymi see endless opportunities for this technology. “It could know when I get to the office, and then prepares the coffee, and the coffee is ready when I go there to get it,” said Martin. Since the device is not specified for one device or operating system, Nymi’s potential power could open the owners vehicles, communicate with televisions for their personal settings, and even start your computer when you walk in your office. Today we are looking to simplify our lives and Nymi could be your personal gadget for securing private information to knowing what music you prefer. This improved way of identity verification could be the gateway for ProctorFree’s program to continuously authenticate a student testing online, with no interruptions or errors.

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