ProctorFree Announces New Product Offerings

ProctorFree is glad to announce multiple expansions across several industries. This will allow us to provide our world-class proctoring solutions to millions more users all around the world. In the following post you will see a glimpse of our new partnerships and vertical markets. If you are interested in learning more about any of these individual new product offerings be sure to reach out to us at

Proctor3, for ECE 

Early Childhood Educators and parents often require additional supervision of youngsters. The team at ProctorFree is expanding into the preschool market with Proctor3. Contact your local childcare provider for more information.



We are thrilled to announce one of our newest partnerships with US National Parks Service. We are strategically placing webcams throughout our nation’s most spectacular parks. Using our patent pending recognition technology you can sign up for alerts whenever your favorite deer, bunny, or bear cruises past our camera network.



You may not know this, but we have an incredible developer named Lee. With this product, you can watch Lee while he works. The webcam is placed just above his main monitor at his workstation, giving you a direct view of this enigmatic genius at work. Kind of like The Truman Show, if you only saw Truman when he was at work.



What really happens at overnight veterinary boarding facilities? How often is your furry friend being let out? Or maybe you just want to check in on your four legged relatives? Whatever your motivation, we are here to help. By wiring our webcams at kennels across the country, your pet will never be too far from ProctorFlea. Check with your pet-care provider for more info.



New this year is an all-access experience with the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee and ESPN. Get up close and personal with spelling bee contestants, be part of the action!



This is just a link to a loop of The Knights who say “Nee” on YouTube.




In partnership with the US Lighthouse Society, we are granting unprecedented access to the exciting world of Lighthouse Watchmen and Watchwomen. Launching in North Carlolina, home of parent company ProctorFree, this partnership is expected to build interest and increase tourism to the magnificent coasts and outer banks of the great state of North Carolina.



This many be the most exciting partnership for one of our employees who loves a good spot of tea. This partnership is with Oxford University’s Online Butler and Stewardship Program in order to present a consistent and uniform standard of service and tea.

(If you haven’t figured it out by now, this just an April Fool’s Day post. Hope you enjoyed it!)