ProctorFree - Top 5 Reasons OLC 15 had us feeling like celebrities

Disclaimer – this is a tongue-in-cheek post. OLC is a very legitimate and serious conference for e-learning. We’re just having a little fun here.

Another OLC has come and gone. Another wonderful year at the Swan and Dolphin Resort on the Disney World property outside of Orlando. And of course, another year of making us feel like e-learning rock-stars. Here’s our listicle ( “a portmanteau of list and article”) of the Top 5 Reasons OLC 15 made me feel like a celebrity.

#5 Fiji Water.

No Dasani, Aquafina, or Zephyrhills at OLC15. Only the best water for us. Next to the Starbucks and snacks there were cases of Fiji Water. I walked around the exhibit hall feeling like a celebrity. #BO$$

#4 I made new friends!

This year the ProctorFree team presented on “Common Cheating Methods and What You Can Do to Stop It” and it was very well attended. Lots of folks hung out afterwards to chat with Mike and me. Then OLC retweeted our picture and more attendees came to talk to us! Celebrity status achieved.

PS – if you missed the presentation email me for slides.

#3 Private Shuttle Buses.

On the nightly trip to Epcot and/or Magic Kingdom, OLC had private shuttle buses lined up outside the Swan and Dolphin Hotel. Although I heard these were more like party buses on the way back from the Epcot Food and Wine festival.

#2 New Followers.

Kind of like making new friends, we got loads of new twitter followers! Thanks to Alisha, our Account Manager, who live-tweeted the conference. And thank you to our followers. You can also follow us online at @proctorfree or @proctorfreeman on twitter and at

#1 Return Visitors.

This was our second time exhibiting at OLC (4th if you include ET4Os) and we saw many familiar faces and people coming to visit our booth because they remembered us and wanted to say “Hi” again. That’s the best part, growing relationships from year-to-year at OLC.

Now we need to get cranking on our Presentation Submission for OLC Innovate in NOLA. Check out the CFP here.