Unexpected Benefits of Online Proctoring Software for Professional Associations


Professional associations have undergone a transition, with many being forced to move their certification programs and other exams online. With this, professional associations leveraging online proctoring software are noticing immense benefits to their organizations. 

The truth is that online proctoring software is so much more than “just proctoring” — it’s a toolkit, and one begging to be leveraged. In this post, we’ll explore some lesser-known benefits of an online proctoring software and what they can do for your professional association. Read on to learn more.

Online Proctoring Builds Credibility and Boosts Reputation

Online proctoring software boosts your program’s credibility and reputation. Savvy program leaders understand this naturally.

Organizations and hiring managers are counting on your program to produce worthwhile candidates for their consideration. The legitimacy of your program depends on it, and attracting future learners is difficult if hiring organizations are unable to trust the rigor and/or credibility of your course. When prospective members know that an association's exam is respected, competitive, and secure, an organization’s reputation naturally builds. 

Growing your offer through legitimate and respected digital tools should be an important focus point for your professional association. Every choice made is a reflection of your program’s ambition, and in a competitive market, the tools you use matter.

Online Proctoring Software Saves Time, Money, and Resources

If you’re doing training and sponsoring exams in-person, you’re likely to encounter growing pains. What if you want to run a program in major cities or host testing events for your rapidly growing member-base? Coordinating in-person training or testing becomes increasingly expensive.

Adding a blended or online-only course offering alleviates this pressure and allows you to better gauge the testing preferences of your learners. What do in-person/online registration numbers tell you about your learners? What do they prefer? And what’s most cost-effective?

Once you activate a blended or online offering, you increase outreach, and your profit margins have the opportunity to explode. Marketing becomes easier too. Learners learn at their own pace while you cut overhead costs and reduce logistical burden. 

Online Proctoring Provides Enhanced Security for High-Stakes Testing

Depending on the nature of your offering or the field your professional association supports, test item security is incredibly important.

Think of government agencies, nurse anesthetists, or aviation pilots — the confidence in the ability of these individuals to do their job is critical to the organizations that are hiring them. 

The exams that grant certifications, licensures, or continuity of employment certifications are sponsoring high-stakes tests whose pass/fail ramifications matter for more than the individual and company hiring them. Online proctoring software packages ensure test-taker security and authenticity by supporting

  • Identify Management: verifies that the person who shows up to the exam is the correct person
  • Continuous Identify Verification: ensures that the person who is taking the exam continues to be the correct person 
  • Deterrence Capabilities: prevents or significantly limits access to prohibited materials during the exam or actions that would allow the test material to be copied and distributed
  • Secure Browser: locks down the remote testing environment to provide an additional layer of security

Providing the right layers of security to back the rigor of your exam is essential to marketability, growth, and expansion.

Leveraging Proctoring Software to Screen Talent for Your Organization

We’ve covered the benefits of an online proctoring software in lieu of how it boosts your program’s exterior, but how does it benefit you and your association internally? 

Let’s think about hiring. You might be in the business of awarding certifications, but what’s your base for attracting new talent as you continue to expand? With all that an online proctoring solution has to offer, there’s a chance that expansion might come quicker than you expected. Leverage it to your advantage.

Use pre-employment tests as a screening tool to understand who is a reputable figure and teacher, and who has little experience in connecting with untrained individuals over their craft. Finding the right talent that’s a right fit for your professional association is crucial to your expansion. 

Learn More About the Benefits of  Online Proctoring

The pandemic and its immediate unemployment effects have pushed tens of thousands of individuals to look for upskilling opportunities, leading to increased demand for online proctoring. It provides increased accessibility, saves money, time, and resources, and is a fundamental building block for program expansion.

An online proctoring software is a bundle of tools. Leverage them in different combinations and capacities to work for you both internally and externally. 

A modern online proctoring solution is secure. It lends test item security and provides sufficient resources for continuity. Without a familiar and fool-proof Plan B, your organization runs the risk of lacking an innovative fail-safe in the event of a natural disaster or another disruptive event. 

To learn more about the benefits of online proctoring for professional associations and certification bodies, read our case study, Continuing Education Exams with ProctorFree.

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