Medical students use iPads to cheat on exam

24 medical students at the University of Adelaide, Australia, were implicated in a cheating scandal involving iPads. The 14 fifth-year medicine students admitted their participation and 10 others were discovered after the University performed a forensic investigation.

Three of the students are to sit for an extra examination while 21 students will suffer a 10% score reduction on said course and will be submitted in the internal dishonesty register, the Daily Telegraph reports. The 10% deduction for some students will result in them failing the course.

The students involved in the cheating scandal used university-provided iPads to take screen shots of the exam questions. The screen shots were left in the iPads’ memory so that subsequent students would discover them and use them for studying.

The university, in order to prevent similar misconduct in the future, is introducing anti-cheating measures; including the cleaning up of all iPads the university possess and offers students.

While the use of technology helps educational institutions provide better services to their students, security issues and abuse of such technologies result in deviating behavior in students.

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