What is an exam security program?

What is an exam security program or an exam security plan?

An exam security program is a set of policies and procedures put in place to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of test materials and the results of an examination. This may include measures such as secure storage and handling of test materials, proctoring of exams, and monitoring of test-takers to prevent cheating. The goal of an exam security program is to ensure that the results of an examination are a fair and accurate measure of the knowledge or skills of the test-takers.

How does online proctoring fit into such a program?

Online proctoring is a method of administering exams remotely, using technology such as cameras, microphones and webcams to monitor test-takers while they take the exam. This allows for exams to be taken online, in a location chosen by the test-takers, such as their home or a remote testing center. Online proctoring can be used as a supplement or replacement to in-person proctoring, depending on the needs of the exam security program.

Online proctoring can be done in different ways, for example, using software that records the test-taker's screen, webcam, and microphone to detect cheating or suspicious behavior. 

Online proctoring offers several benefits, such as increased flexibility and convenience for test-takers, as well as cost savings for the organization administering the exam. However, it also poses unique challenges, such as ensuring the privacy and security of the test-takers, and ensuring that the technology used for online proctoring is reliable and does not create any technical difficulties. It is important that the organization administering the exam has a proper plan and procedures to ensure the security of the exam and the privacy of the test-takers. By allowing free unlimited practice exams, free training, ad free 24/7 technical support, ProctorFree takes steps to ensure a smooth launch of online exam proctoring with your program and remains involved with all stakeholders to ensure a consistent experience is provided to your exam program.

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