How long does it take to implement online proctoring into my program?

The time it takes to implement online proctoring into a program can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the program, the resources available, and the specific proctoring solution being used. In general, it can take several weeks or even months to fully integrate online proctoring into a program. It is important to work closely with an online proctoring provider to ensure that the implementation is done correctly and in a timely manner.

At ProctorFree we have clients that have successfully implemented our proctoring solution in 1-2 weeks, and some have taken much longer, but we generally advise to plan for 30+ days for the following reasons:
  • So that communication can be drafted for the candidates that will be taking proctored exams
  • So that any tutorial materials such as instruction videos can be created
  • So practice can occur where the test taker is afforded the opportunity to try out the proctoring technology in a low-stakes, low-stress environment
  • So that any necessary or helpful training can occur for faculty, staff, test administrators, or stakeholders.

Here are some reasons why it make take an organization longer that 1-2 weeks or even 30 days:

  • Test items are still being developed and loaded into a test bank, Learning Management System (LMS), or test delivery engine
  • You are looking farther ahead and planning for a future semester or testing cycle

At ProctorFree we have experience helping clients implement proctoring in less than 24 hours and have no problem being patient and working with a client for months to ensure their program launches smoothly and the test takers have a great experience. Did we mention that we provide complimentary 24 hour technical support? Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help you with your online test administration and exam proctoring needs.