Responsibility for Academic Integrity

Who is responsible for academic integrity?

Recently, Penn State University held a workshop for faculty that was focused on teaching students the importance of academic and professional integrity. Academic integrity was defined by the late 18th century, and although many schools and universities uphold different definitions; overall it is defined as dishonesty that prevents excellence in education.

Many universities define academic integrity as being the sole responsibility of the students to maintain, but interestingly, many universities give instructors, and faculty the same responsibility to ensure that students do maintain it. An example, the University of Pittsburgh, presume that those who instruct and administer standards of integrity must also encourage students to clarify and accept the concept. It’s very interesting that faculty and staff are held as equally as responsible for making sure students observe these standards.

The workshop at Penn State had faculty rethink approaches to teaching ethical behavior, and decision making. The information from the workshop will ensure that those faculty who attended are now responsible for teaching students ways to uphold integrity. From there, it should be the students responsibility to maintain it.

Overall, should faculty and students be held as equally responsible for academic integrity? If a university does hold both responsible, should more workshops (i.e. Penn State workshop) be held? What are your thoughts?