Happy #WorldTeachersDay from ProctorFree

A big, huge, monstrous, shout out to all the teachers who shape us into who we are today. Our team is passionate about #education and #learning, and for #WorldTeachersDay, ProctorFree team members decided to share who their favorite teacher is/was and what made them so special.

What made these teachers so amazing, and why were they are favorites?

They taught us how to communicate with others.

ProctorFree Co-Founder, Mike, had a favorite teacher named Stacey Dawes.
“She was my English teacher, who had great teaching style. She easily commanded the classroom, and was able to relate to kids with different backgrounds, and create an environment where all the students got along and felt comfortable with each other.”

They molded us into the people we are today.

“My favorite teacher is Senthamizh Selvan. Whatever position I am in right now or as a human being, and whatever good qualities I have, major credit goes to him. He was with me through out my good and bad times. He helped me realize about life, relationships, respecting others feelings, and how to handle people. He is my teacher, well wisher and God Father. A teacher’s job is not only teach education, but to also mold the student. I am very blessed to have him in my life.”
– ProctorFree team member Vidhya.

They empowered us.

“I had a professor named Mark Turner. I appreciated Mr. Turner the most because he made the biggest impact in my life. Coming out of college, you want to be sure you have the right knowledge and experience to land a decent job. He always went above and beyond to empower students with knowledge and real life experiences.”
– Eddie, ProctorFree Partner Support Manager.

They changed the way we think.

ProctorFree CTO, Jason, had trouble picking just one teacher who he loved, but Dr. Alan Tharp stood out for him.

“Dr. Alan Tharp basically invented the concepts behind proper file organization and management, and a variety of other conceptual models changed the fundamental level of the way I think.  There are so many other lovely professors and teachers out there, but few can compare to the one who provided me a more complete understanding of computer science in a simple way.  To that I owe him so very, very much.”

P.S. – Check out Dr. Tharp’s book (which is still sold and read in many data structures classes to this day)
Amazon.com: File Organization and Processing (9780471605218): Alan L. Tharp: Books

They demonstrated lots and lots of passion.

“My favorite teacher was Jeff Singer, because both of our first names are Jeff. Just kidding. Mr. Singer taught the video production course at my high school. I took it 2 years back-to-back, and when I became a teacher, I took over his classes for the middle school. He was a mentor when I was a student and when I was a teacher (and also as a boss in college when I worked for his TV station in South Beach). The best advice I ever received about teaching came from him: “ When students know you care about something, or you get excited about a topic, it’s contagious. Your students will care because you care.”
– Jeffrey,  ProctorFree Director of Partner Relations.

They were our family members (literally).

“When we look at autobiographies of people, there are two people who play a role in a person’s life. The first one is a teacher, and the second one is your mother. I was lucky to find both of them in my mom. My favorite teacher was my mom Rajdeep Kaur. She is my favorite, not only because she believed in me or supported me throughout my life (as if that’s not enough), but she was my English teacher throughout middle school. As a teacher she was always patient with all her students, and students felt comfortable around her.”
– ProctorFree team member Sudeep. 

 And most importantly, they made us excited to learn!

ProctorFree Co-Founder, Velvet had two teachers she loved.

 “Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Covington. 1st grade and 3rd grade. They were always friendly and had fun in the classroom.  I remember loving going to school because I got to see my teachers.”