What is Remote Proctoring?


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Sean with ProctorFree, and today we’re going to be answering the question, “What is Remote Proctoring”

First, let's cover an overview, Remote proctoring, also known as online proctoring, or in some parts of the world as invigilation software is technology that increases the efficiency and scalability of proctored exams. 

Features of Remote Proctoring
When thinking about remote proctoring it’s helpful to talk about some of its features. Remote proctoring includes:

  • Identity Management - to verify that a person who shows up to the exam is the correct person
  • Continuous identity verification - to ensure that the person who is taking the exam continues to be the correct person, and
  • Deterrence Capabilities - to deter or significantly limit access to prohibited materials during the exam or actions that would allow the test material to be copied or distributed

How does it work? 
Now how does remote proctoring work? Remote proctoring solutions work in conjunction with your learning management system, or as a standalone application. There are four core parts to the test-taking process with online proctoring technology in use:

  • First, Verify the person taking the test is the right person
  • Second, Recording data streams including webcam footage, screen recording, and audio
  • Third, analyzing the data streams to produce a report with suggestions for the exam administrator of where to take a closer look.
  • And fourth, flagging questionable or abnormal activity and identifying the severity of the infraction. 

Benefits of remote proctoring
Now let’s discuss the benefits of remote proctoring. When installing an remote proctoring solution into your test-taking process:

  • It gives peace of mind.
  • Promotes integrity and brand credibility. 
  • Deters academic dishonesty. 
  • Prevents test items from being copied and leaked online. 
  • Builds program credibility. 
  • And protects any exam, big or small. 

If you’re interested in learning more about remote proctoring, or remote proctoring solutions for your organization visit our website to learn more or check the details down below. Thank you.