The Role of AI in Online Proctoring

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Sean with ProctorFree and today we’re going to be discussing the role of AI in online proctoring.

For institutions and organizations using online learning and exams, online proctoring is a critical tool to add security and rigor to the process.

Online proctoring allows exam administrators to
  • Verify a test-taker’s identity continuously throughout the course of the exam
  • Flag suspicious behavior for evaluation by an academic integrity officer
  • Record and reference data streams of test-takers following the exam
  • Review audit trails of proctored session data
  • Gain flexibility and peace of mind for both themselves and test-takers

Using artificial intelligence (AI), organizations are able to automate steps of the testing process such as identity verification, exam recording to, and the flagging of anomalous behavior to help programs identify and report suspicious behavior.

How fully automated proctoring with AI promotes exam integrity
  • Many organizations like the idea of online exams but have concerns about integrity issues. Fortunately, the online proctoring system’s AI helps to ensure the integrity of the exam, from identity verification before the test starts to the final review.
  • To prove their identity, the test-taker’s photo is captured without requiring them to install anything on their computer. The proctoring solution then records video as they take the test and uses AI to analyze and flag any suspicious behavior, such as:
  • Not maintaining consistent eye contact with the screen
  • Clicking anywhere other than the exam page
  • Talking with others during the exam session
  • Walking away from the webcam view
  • After the exam is finished, the exam administrator is notified about any anomalies the AI detected. They can then review the flagged behaviors and determine the best course of action.

Benefits of AI in Online Proctoring
  • Some key benefits of leveraging an online proctoring solution with AI include:
  • Reduced test anxiety: Given that students and test-takers increasingly prefer a remote or hybrid model for courses and exams, fully automated proctoring is an ideal solution.
  • More freedom for exam administrators: Fully automated proctoring takes the pressure off exam administrators to monitor exams, so they can stay focused on teaching and evaluating knowledge.
  • Cost-effective: Fully automated proctoring is an on-demand, convenient, and cost-effective solution for online exams. When you don’t need enhanced proctoring support from professional auditors, automated proctoring is a great solution for test-takers and exam administrators.
  • Easy to install and use: Exam administrators and test-takers get the same great customer support as with any other proctoring solution. All questions, concerns, and issues should be addressed within two minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of AI in online proctoring, or how automated proctoring solutions for your organization, visit our website or reach out to learn more.