Anomalous Behavior, Psychometrics, and Online Proctoring

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Sean with ProctorFree, and today we’re going to be defining two terms often discussed in online proctoring:
  • anomalous behavior
  • And, psychometrics

These two terms are often discussed in the context of exam proctoring.

Anomalous behavior refers to any type of activity that occurs within a testing event that deviates from the expected or approved behavior.

Some examples of anomalous behavior include:
  • Talking with others
  • Not maintaining consistent eye contact with the screen
  • Or Leaving the webcam view

These actions, create flags within an online proctoring solution to alert auditors and test administrators to review these incidents for any signs of nefarious behavior.

Psychometrics refers to a field of study in psychology that focuses on testing, measurement, and assessments. Psychometricians, research scientists that work in the field of psychometrics, are often responsible for the development and analysis of tests and test performance. This can include:

  • Developing questions and question banks
  • Designing testing formats that accurately measure test-taker skills
  • Review the performance of various test questions and formats to ensure adherence to program requirements

In the world of online proctoring, psychometricians also contribute to the analysis and comparison of test taker performance across multiple proctoring modalities, such as a test center vs a remote proctoring solution.

If you’re interested in learning more about how online proctoring solutions detect anomalous behavior in a testing event, or are looking for resources for test development, visit our site to learn more.