Test Centers versus Remote Proctoring

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Sean with ProctorFree, and today we're going discussing the differences between test centers and remote proctoring.

Test Centers and Remote Proctoring are both designed to meet the need of delivering a secure testing environment for students wherein the primary functions include:

  • Verifying test-taker identity
  • Monitoring the testing event
  • Flagging any abnormal testing behavior for the test administrator

Test Centers
Are physical testing locations with in person human proctor. In most cases, they check test takers identification as they enter the facility, enforce policies prohibiting the use of cell-phones or outside materials during the test, and provide a human proctor in the room during the exam to monitor test-takers and report on any abnormal behaviors

Remote Proctoring
Are software solutions that provide secure online testing environments. They confirm test-taker identity before and during the exam, and utilize the computers camera, microphone, and screen recording to monitor for abnormal behavior. The remote proctoring solution is able to generate reports that can alert test administrators to any potential flags of this abnormal behavior.

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