What is Exam Proctoring?


Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Sean with ProctorFree and today we're going to be answering the question, what is exam proctoring? To answer this question we're going to break it out into it's component parts by first asking the question, what is an exam?

A test or examination isn't assessment intended to measure persons knowledge, skill or
ability in one specific subject or variety of topics. And in present day, these are primarily administered on paper or on a computer, and they can be done both in person or online.

The next question is, what is a proctor? A proctor is a person who takes charge of or acts for another. The word proctor is frequently use to describe someone who oversees an exam. In today's testing environment a proctor will typically verify as students identity by checking a photo ID and then ensure academic integrity guideline are followed during the exam.

And then finally, what is… online proctoring? Online proctoring is automated exam proctoring solutions that require no human involvement. These provide a scalable, online, on demand exam proctoring solution that can be accessed by test takers at any time, allowing colleges, universities and businesses to offer a truly efficient solution to the problem of proctoring exams on a large scale.

If you're interested in learning more about online proctoring, or proctoring solutions that might work for your organization, you can learn more by visiting our website and details are in the description below. Thank you.