Addressing the Frustrations of Working Students

Education technology has made access to higher education more accessible than just a few years ago. As a result, more working adults are finding that they can work towards completing their degrees through online classes taken through their local college. What isn’t often talked about is the frustrations that these adult students face when dealing with school requirements that are targeted towards traditional on-campus students. Things such as required meetings with counselors, library research, turning in physical forms are major pain points for online students.

The UNC System has begun addressing these so-called “Micro-frustrations”. They have made small tweaks to begin addressing and fixing such complaints. For example, implementing virtual meetings with advisors outside of work hours allows for students to get the guidance they need without infringing on their work schedule and requiring a trip to campus. Finding solutions is helping to ease frustrations in order to pave the way for already growing online education numbers. At least 47% of UNC system students took at least one online course last year, and that number is expected to grow.

Our goal within the education space is very similar. ProctorFree aims to remove the hassle of having to take proctored exams for online classes at a physical campus or designated proctoring location. By offering automated proctoring at any hour and any location, it allows those same working adults to take their tests outside of working hours and in the comforts of their homes. There will continue to be needs emerging in this outlet of working students needing access to education without having to jump through hoops or struggle with complex technology. The higher education market will continue to need “Micro solutions” to all the “micro frustrations” that can emerge.