ProctorFree-Corporations & Online Learning

Towards Maturity, a non-profit organization focused on expanding the use of learning technologies at work, recently released a comprehensive report on how workers really feel about online learning in the workplace. These 2,000 workers qualified for the survey because they invested their own time and money in online learning for professional development. After reading the report, there were a few critical points  that seem necessary for employers to better understand in order to provide quality learning experiences for their employees.

  1. 53% of those surveyed feel that IT or location is a barrier to online learning. So what does this mean? We’ve all experienced it in the corporate world. There seems to always be a firewall, security protocol, or lack of download privileges available for employees when they want to download a program on their computer that could help them develop their skills. While it’s important to have these programs in place to block unnecessary distractions for employees, is there a way to bypass these protocols when someone is focused on their own professional development?
  2. 57% of learners want their learning to end in some type of certification. Recognition for hard work only seems natural in the competitive job market we’re all in right now. For employers, recognition of this kind leads to high employee morale and more dedicated workers. Ignore employees and you could find yourself searching for replacements every few months.
  3. Only 42% surveyed believe employers provide relevant online learning for their job. This is a big wake up call for employers. Ten years ago, providing training for employees meant taking them off the job for a day or two. Now, with online learning, it’s easy to make professional development opportunities accessible without the risk of losing productivity.
  4. Employees want learning opportunities to be accessible and collaborative. 70% of respondents like to connect with others while learning and 80% use Google often to find the answers they are looking for.
  5. While managers play an important role in employees’ day-to-day jobs, only 31% stated that managers were necessary for a smooth online learning experience. This statistic is most likely low because these respondents were already self-motivated enough to enroll in online learning on their own.

We’ve only touched on a few points in this article. We highly recommend downloading the article and finding out how you can make your employees happier with a simple investment in online learning for professional development.