Looking Ahead to the 2016 OLC Innovate Conference

I’ve never been more excited to attend an OLC Conference! This is the 3rd year we’ll be in attendance at an OLC Conference and our 6th OLC Conference overall. It seems like we would be used to everything that happens at the conferences every year but not us! Everything always changes and the Consortium does a fantastic job of always making the conferences a big success!

I love that OLC combined the previous two conferences on emerging technologies and blended learning into one all-inclusive conference this year. It’s tough to make it to every education conference that’s offered every year so by combining the two, I feel like we’ll be learning even more than years before.

The attendees at this conference are always a joy to be around. You can feel the enthusiasm at the conference. Everyone present is forward thinking and in search of the latest instructional design trends and technologies to take their online learning offerings to the next level. There’s high levels of engagement and attendees are fostering relationships to facilitate learning.

So what do I recommend when attending OLC Conferences? Immerse yourself in every bit of what is offered while there. I know we’re all going to be in New Orleans and temptations are right outside the conference hotel but don’t cave! You’ll be exhausted when you return home but it’s completely worth taking in all of what the conference has to offer. The sessions, keynote speakers, roundtable dinners, and the Innovation Lab seem to all offer something different. There’s always one more thing to learn.

I’m really excited about flying out Tuesday and can’t wait to set up our exhibitors table. While I’ll be there for some of the conference you’ll most likely find me attending sessions, meeting new people, and learning new things. I’m so excited to see you all in a few days and can’t wait to see what this conference has in store for all of us!