ProctorFree Celebrates National Distance Learning Week

ProctorFree is Committed to the Future Growth of Distance Learning

velvet-nelson-National-Distance-Learning-WeekIn celebration of National Distance Learning Week, we are sharing why distance learning is important to our Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Velvet Nelson and how ProctorFree will continue to support its growth.

Velvet, who has been working in higher education for over 10 years, originally fell in love with distance learning because it was a way to get education to the masses. She believes that distance learning is an innovative approach to allowing nontraditional students to get the same access to education as traditional students.

While working at Everblue Training Institute, Velvet and Mike Murphy, Co-Founder of ProctorFree, realized there was a pain point in distance learning: test-taking. Students of Everblue could take classes online, but still needed to figure out the logistics of taking an exam to receive credit for their courses. ProctorFree was founded to provide distance learning students, like those Velvet and Mike met while delivering online courses, with the access to convenient, easy test-taking.

“ProctorFree is taking the complications out of testing, making distance learning more convenient and accessible, protecting the course and exam integrity, and giving it the same reputation as a traditional class,” says Velvet, who believes distance learning’s disruption of higher education is just beginning to be felt. “We support distance learning, we know it is the future, and we will do anything we can to help it grow.”

We are proud to celebrate National Distance Learning Week here at ProctorFree because we believe that every student deserves access to a convenient, high quality education and an exceptional test-taking experience that enhances the learning experience. Distance learning and ProctorFree empower students to learn and take exams at a convenient time and location. Contact us to learn more about how we are helping the Distance Learning community.