Sail Towards Success with ProctorFree at T-BUG 2016

ProctorFree and Blackboard Reimagine Online Education Together

ProctorFree will be attending the annual Texas Blackboard Users Group Conference in League City, TX from November 10-11, 2016. The T-BUG Conference is a two-day event that brings together members of the Blackboard community to network and discuss their Blackboard experience and various higher education hot topics.

ProctorFree looks forward to discussing online education and more with both familiar and new faces. Texas is home to some of ProctorFree’s favorite partners and a great place to make new connections. Conferences such as T-BUG are the perfect place to both strengthen and create partnerships.

Connect with ProctorFree at T-BUG and learn how our proctoring solution integrates with Blackboard to deliver a technology solution that changes the way online education is delivered and experienced. Our online proctoring solution sails students, instructors, and higher education administrators towards success by providing an exceptional test-taking experience while ensuring academic integrity.

Sail towards online education success with ProctorFree. Contact us to set up a meeting at T-BUG 2016 or to schedule a personal demonstration.