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Spotlight on Edtech Tools and The End of Average

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including new edtech tools, the end of average, reasons to consider a local online degree program, and more in online learning.

Dyslexia Teachers Using Technology to Help Kids Love Reading – eSchool News

Bookshare, the world’s largest digital library, is helping students with dyslexia read without frustration. There is no state funding for dyslexia programs and Bookshare fills that void by providing a free option for all students with a qualified disability. Leslie Patterson, a licensed dyslexia teacher at Griffis Elementary School in Caddo Mills, TX, received a grant last year that provided her students with iPads, allowing them to access Bookshare at all times. eSchool News focuses on how Bookshare and other edtech tools can help students with disabilities.

U.S. Ed Department Launches Free Online Tool to Rapidly Evaluate Ed Tech Products – The Journal

Ed Tech Rapid Cycle Evaluation (RCE) Coach is a free, openly licensed, web-based platform that provides resources and support to guide the purchase of edtech tools. The US Education Department’s Office of Educational Technology partnered with Matematica to build a tool that guides practitioners in defining their desired outcomes, designing pilots, and conducting their own analysis to make confident purchases and renewal decisions of edtech tools. The Journal reports that the goal of the new tool is to improve the edtech procurement and implementations process.

4 Reasons to Consider a Local Online Degree Program – OLC

A recent survey from Aslanian Market Research and the Learning House of online students found that 75% of respondents selected an online program based within 100 miles from where they live. OLC shares four reasons why online students should consider local online degree programs.

‘There’s No Such Thing as Average’: Todd Rose on Brain Science and the Limitations of Standards – EdSurge

The idea that there is an average person is the barrier that is holding educators back. Professor Todd Rose, the head of the Mind, Brain, and Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, dives into how the idea of an average brain has negative effects on education. EdSurge highlights how Rose’s belief that there is no such thing as average pushes educators to implement the concept of personalization more actively in schools and other learning environments.

Why Online Proctoring Works for Online Students in Higher Education – ProctorFree

Every aspect of the online learning experience is designed to enhance accessibility and convenience, except the online assessment process. Students also deserve an exceptional online assessment experience. With ProctorFree’s online proctoring, students have an exceptional online learning, and assessment, experience enhanced by clear communication and continued support.

A Small Liberal Arts School Becomes a Testing Ground for the ‘Facebook of Learning Management Systems’ – EdSurge

Dension University is the first university to adopt Notebowl, a Learning Management System that is calling itself the next-generation LMS. Notebowl is a platform where students can find and share information for all of their courses and extracurriculars. The LMS integrates with other apps like Google and it has a bulletin section that is like Facebook’s Newsfeed. EdSurge reports that Notebowl will be fully implemented at Dension for the start of the next school year.

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