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Spotlight on Online Learning Pathways and CBE

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including how online proctoring is easing online education pain, a new LMS that is designed as a game, CBE, and more in online learning.

Why Online Proctoring Works for Administrators in Higher Education – ProctorFree

Online education is beneficial to both traditional and nontraditional students, and higher education institutions. But, administrators sometimes struggle to find edtech solutions that are a perfect fit for their institution. As a result, their online education programs can suffer. The right online proctoring solution ensures that online learning pathways thrive. By implementing our customizable solution that can scale to any institution type, administrators have a cure for their online education pain.

University of Michigan Turns Courses Into Games – EdSurge

University of Michigan’s Gameful Learning Lab built a Learning Management System called GradeCraft that allows faculty to structure and deliver courses like a game. The award-winning LMS is designed to boost student engagement and motivation. EdSurge highlights how the overall goal of the LMS is to give students space to focus on the actual joy of learning instead of on their grades. GradeCraft focuses on the joy of learning by encouraging students to take risks without a negative impact on their final grade and by providing them the freedom to fail.

The Pros and Cons of Using Flights Versus Evergreen Campaigns – JMH Consulting

While the mantra of one-size fits all is appealing, it is not true in the world of higher education marketing. At times, Evergreen campaigns, which run for as long as their budgets allow, are more beneficial than Flight campaigns, which run during specific time blocks. Other times, the opposite is true. JMH Consulting discusses the pros and cons of Flight campaigns. In higher education, campaigns should take into account audience responsiveness, competitor offers, and the timeframe of available courses.

Personalized Learning: How Kids are Getting into College by Mastering Their Skills – The Hechinger Report

Competency-based schools are able to make a direct correlation between their final course grades and the mastery of a skill. Southern New Hampshire University has led the way in demonstrating that CBE does work. In The Hechinger Report, a New Hampshire principal discusses how the state has developed policies to promote CBE in elementary and secondary schools, following in the footsteps of Southern New Hampshire University.

Quality and Competency – Inside Higher Ed

The Competency-Based Education Network released information on the voluntary standards for CBE, seeking to influence newcomers to CBE while also holding established programs accountable. The standards focus on eight areas and emphasize transparency of student learning and collaborative engagement with external partners. Inside Higher Ed calls attention to the rapid growth of CBE and the demand for standards across CBE programs.

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