MOOC-Ed Brings Open Online Courses to Educators

With the rising popularity of Massive Open Online Course – or MOOC – classes for students, it is only fitting that educators be able to learn new tricks of the trade the same way. A MOOC-Ed – that is, MOOC for Educators – has become available, bringing educators flexible ways to improve not only student results but also the teaching process itself.

The one of a kind MOOC-Ed is provided by The Alliance for Excellent Education, paired with North Carolina State University’s Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. With a focus primarily on Digital Learning Transition, the intended audience is schools and districts, in addition to teachers. The peer support and free cost pair to help bring the best experiences of MOOC to the widest range of teachers available.

The first MOOC-Ed drew participants from 68 different countries and every state in America. The 2,665 participants were able to access the course anytime from anywhere, and this flexibility gave the educators the best path available to learning how better to serve their students.

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