ProctorFree - Career Opportunity

ProctorFree, a Charlotte based education technology company is currently seeking qualified candidates to apply for the open position of System Administrator / Lab Technician.

We’re looking for a talented, systems learner who can handle the dual role of supporting a cloud of Linux and Windows Servers while supporting and running our Human Factors laboratory.

How are these related?
ProctorFree is a software development firm that designs systems that help maintain the integrity of online testing.

We have to build systems and machines for use cases and test cases, as well as maintain our existing software platform in an always available, 24/7, 365 days a year support system, and that means we need someone who can setup and support the labs and setup and support the systems that run the software.

Desired Skills:
Degree in Psychology, Sociology, Education, Computer Science, or Engineering preferred, but the right skillset and temperament are almost always better than the best degree.

Experience in Command Line control and administration of Linux Servers, especially Java Application Servers(Like Tomcat) and Web Servers and daemons. Scripting Skills in AWK/SED/Bash/ksh/Perl would be a big plus. Experience in managing Windows systems a plus.

At least some exposure to the admin and understanding of SQL databases and command line queries backups or at least the philosophy of backups.

Video Labs, or experience with Video and Audio recording equipment. Bonus points for human factors lab experience.

System maintenance including backups, running scripts, upgrades, scans, installs, reinstalls, cluster templates, crisis management, network sleuthing, log shipping, log scanning, and file cleanup.

Lab Setup and maintenance including packing, unpacking, build, tear down, running tests, interviewing subjects, cleaning, light repair, triage and shipping equipment for RMA and repair.

On-Call shared with other team members in a rotating fashion.

If you’re a close fit, and understand or are willing to work in a small startup, we’re willing to train the right candidate to work with our systems.

To view additional opportunities be sure to visit the ProctorFree careers page.