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Transition to ProctorFree

We are receiving a large number of inquiries from schools and organizations that are evaluating moving away from their current proctoring provider for one or several of the reasons listed below. We wanted to take an opportunity and highlight some of[...]

ProctorFree becomes SOC 2 Type 1 compliant online proctoring provider

Online proctoring software provider recognized for compliance with industry-leading security standard.

ProctorFree - Predicting cheating in college

Want to see a magic trick? OK, follow along. I can predict with extreme accuracy whether or not you cheated in college. Regardless of once, twice, or for all 4 years. It doesn’t matter if it was one assignment with a smidgen of plagiarism, a little[...]

ProctorFree - This Week in Cheating

Normally this blog series covers a cheating scandal or discusses new cheating methods and quells any anxiety by showing how ProctorFree can stop, prevent and detect any academic integrity issues. Once in a while we see an exemplar educational[...]

Student Uses Tissue Paper in Attempt to Cheat on Exam

Students at Scottish Universities, including Glasgow and Aberdeen, developed resourceful exam-cheating methods. An undergraduate students had answers written on tissue paper and then checked them in the university’s toilets. According to Daily[...]

Pilots Caught Using "Cheat Sheets" on Exam

The Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) recently revealed that numerous pilots were using cheat sheets during their Air Transport Pilot License exams. A pilot was discovered to have emailed exam answers to another candidate pilot[...]

Police Academy Recruits Involved in Cheating Scandal

A race against the clock to regain public trust is taking place at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington. After allegations of a cheating scandal have been revealed, the Washington State Patrol announced its preliminary investigations on[...]