Student Uses Tissue Paper in Attempt to Cheat on Exam

Students at Scottish Universities, including Glasgow and Aberdeen, developed resourceful exam-cheating methods. An undergraduate students had answers written on tissue paper and then checked them in the university’s toilets. According to Daily Record, since 2011, 353 cheating incidents were revealed, with the suggestion of more remaining unexposed.

The cheating strategies employed in university exams in Scotland, include listening to test answers on mp3 devices and smartphones, smuggling exam notes in textbooks and even writing answers or prompts on one’s body. The caught-in-the-act students were in certain occasions merely reprimanded, while in other occasions severer punishments were applied; exam papers were invalidated and in a few cases the students were expelled.

The increasing number of students resorting to unethical practices to pass their exams is giving a headache to universities. The need ensure exam integrity continues to grow in light of students resourcefulness and technological advances. Thankfully there are secure, remote exam proctor options such as ProctorFree that can efficiently monitor students’ behavior and discourage academic dishonesty. ProctorFree allows students the convenience of having their exam proctored from home, but deploys continuous identity verification and anti-cheating algorithms during the exam.