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Students Allegedly Hack Professor's Email Account to Obtain Test

Two students and one alumnus were involved in a cheating scandal at the Florida International University. The alumnus allegedly hacked into a professor’s email account and obtained the exam paper, and the other two FIU students distributed the test[...]

ProctorFree - Career Opportunity

ProctorFree, a Charlotte based education technology company is currently seeking qualified candidates to apply for the open position of System Administrator / Lab Technician.

Universities Dealing with a Decrease in Tuition Revenue

Poor enrollment has had many schools, both public and private; see an unprecedented decrease in their net tuition revenue. The latest Moody’s Investor Service survey reveals that universities’ tuition revenue cannot keep up with inflation.

Academic Ghost Writer Talks about Cheating in Higher Education

Dave Tomar, author of the Shadow Scholar: How I Made A Living Helping College Kids Cheat, offers an inside peek into how college-level cheating is a widely ingrained premise in higher education. Tomar has been an academic ghostwriter for most of the[...]

ProctorFree - 2013 Sloan Consortium Conference for Online Learning

I had the pleasure of attending the Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning from November 20-22, 2013. The Sloan Conference brings educators together to share and discuss research, growth, and best practices within online and[...]

University of Colorado Denver Students Allegedly Cheating in Classes

Students at the University of Colorado Denver allegedly paid others to pass their online classes for them. The University is now looking into these cheating allegations after the issue has been making the rounds in the local news. Wealthy students[...]

Fear of Teachers Editing Test Scores Leads to Changes Next Year

Six-year-old students in England are required to take a reading skills test after one year of schooling. This test aims at identifying those students struggling with reading. In the summer of 2013, a suspiciously large percentage of students got[...]

Pilots Caught Using "Cheat Sheets" on Exam

The Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) recently revealed that numerous pilots were using cheat sheets during their Air Transport Pilot License exams. A pilot was discovered to have emailed exam answers to another candidate pilot[...]

Are you more likley to cheat in the morning or afternoon?

What would possibly prevent you from cheating in the morning, but not in the afternoon? According to a new study published in the Journal of Psychological Science, willpower.