ProctorFree - Approved Barnes & Noble Bookstore Vendor

Students can now use their financial aid disbursement to purchase test-proctoring sessions through the college bookstore.

ProctorFree created our proctoring solution with accessibility in mind. By creating an autonomous, affordable, no-travel-required, and no-scheduling-needed solution we are allowing thousands of students to take exams and earn degrees on their terms. Just last week we announced another step forward in creating greater access for students to obtain test-proctoring services.

We are committed to providing the most cutting-edge and high-tech proctoring service possible. We value our partnerships and respect our users, and as such want to give them the best experience possible. After numerous conversations with schools and universities brainstorming how to best provide our proctoring services in an affordable way, the ProctorFree team proudly announces that we have become an official vendor at all Barnes & Noble college bookstores.

We recognize that schools may not always have room in their budget to afford proctoring. While until now the solution has been to pass the fee on to the students, some students may not be able to afford proctoring or would prefer to include the cost of these services in their tuition and fees through financial aid.

By ProctorFree becoming a vendor through your school or university’s bookstore, your students can now use their financial aid disbursement to purchase test-proctoring sessions. This alleviates the departmental budget constraints while simultaneously relieving further burden on the students. All your students have to do is include the test-proctoring sessions when they purchase their books and supplies.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to offer test proctoring for your students click here.

If you are not using Barnes & Noble as your bookstore provider, contact us to see about offering our services through your bookstore.