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Standardized test cheating scandal in Philadelphia leads to three principals being fired

Ongoing investigations on the Philadelphia cheating scandal resulted in the firing of three high school principals who’ve been implicated. Cheating allegations on standardized test exams from 2009 to 2011 spurred a statewide probing of Philadelphia[...]

Principal pleads guilty in cheating scandal

The former principal of Kennedy Middle School in Atlanta is the third in a row to plead guilty in the infamous, Atlanta cheating scandal.

ProctorFree - A Review of 2013 Cheating Scandals

As 2013 comes to a close, we thought we would take some time to review some of the top cheating scandals that we blogged about over the year. While it may seem redundant, we think it’s important to take a look and see how students, teachers, and[...]

Students Allegedly Hack Professor's Email Account to Obtain Test

Two students and one alumnus were involved in a cheating scandal at the Florida International University. The alumnus allegedly hacked into a professor’s email account and obtained the exam paper, and the other two FIU students distributed the test[...]

University of Colorado Denver Students Allegedly Cheating in Classes

Students at the University of Colorado Denver allegedly paid others to pass their online classes for them. The University is now looking into these cheating allegations after the issue has been making the rounds in the local news. Wealthy students[...]

Allegations of Cheating Result in Tests Being Invalidated

Students in Florida are scratching their heads after failing exams. This was the result of being flagged as potential cheaters by software that invalidates tests found to have suspiciously similar answer patterns. The test security company that[...]

Increase in cheating among students and teachers detailed in annual report

According to an official report on malpractice for the summer 2013 GCSE and A level exams, cheating among teachers and students has gone up. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in the UK, reports that teacher[...]

Advances in Tech Offer New Exam Cheating Options

During a test in Jaipur, India, exam-takers used Bluetooth technology to discreetly retrieve test answers. The local police interrogated about 70 individuals involved in the cheating incident. Their mobile phones, headsets, and Bluetooth devices[...]

Police Academy Recruits Involved in Cheating Scandal

A race against the clock to regain public trust is taking place at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington. After allegations of a cheating scandal have been revealed, the Washington State Patrol announced its preliminary investigations on[...]

School District Handles Exam Cheating

The Minnesota Department of Education lets school districts resolve cheating issues themselves. In 2013, over 159 test security notices were been sent to the Minnesota Department of Education. What often happens is that a school district official[...]