New Release – Schedule a Demo!

ProctorFree has just released our latest version of software, which comes with a large number of changes. This new deployment brings a host of changes, both in improved functionality and smoother looks.

New Interface: We offer a more user-friendly appearance of our platform making navigation even easier for both students and instructors.
Cloud Integration: Arguably the most important for our new software is a smoother integration with Amazon Cloud services. By improving this integration, our software has seen massive strides in both the scalability and reliability of our services. This is a result of improved utilizations of the resources made available by Amazon.
Improved Machine Learning: Our software offers an improved ability to recognize and identify cheating-like behaviors to be flagged for instructor review. This continues to improve our ability to assist instructors in keeping their students academically honest in an online exam environment.
Caching Support: One of our most exciting and noticeable features is caching support. By having the Java applet incorporate caching, users face a moderate load time on their first visit to the exam environment, but enjoy dramatically reduced loading and setup times on subsequent visits. This quality of life improvement helps us to continue making test taking on our platform less stressful and even easier for students.

If you would like to see these new features in action, we would love to give a demonstration. You can reach us at and request a demo at any time!