Potential Drop in Tuition Attracts Students to Online Courses

Student enrollment for online classes is steadily increasing. Is this because students prefer online studies? Or is lower cost the motivating factor? The Prospector, student news from University of Texas at El Paso, released an article viewing both[...]

Children on Campus? How Being a Parent Could Cost You an Education.

Recently, there has been uproar about a mother bringing her baby on campus to take an exam. The article stated that the student was asked to leave without taking the exam and with no make-up. Are college’s legally responsible to accommodate parents?

University Faculty Debates Long Term Value of MOOCs

Many professors, as well as students, have questioned the validity of online classes that are flooding into higher education. Professors are worried this transition will hinder students in their learning and degrade overall quality of diplomas. This[...]

ProctorFree-Are You Receiving the Best Online Learning?

The key to analyzing quality in education is to understand set expectations required to assess a course’s significance. The Academic Partnerships (AP) organization took a step forward to do just that. They have recently published, “A Guide to[...]

MyLearningID Featured in Charlotte Observer

MyLearningID Announces Name Change to ProctorFree

MyLearningID, an authentication system providing identity verification for online learning, is pleased to introduce the company’s new name: ProctorFree (ProctorFree.com).

NC IDEA Awards Grant to ProctorFree

How Our Startup Incubator Helped Us

ProctorFree - Semester Online Provides a Different Approach to Learning

While MOOCs may be taking most of the spotlight right now, there is another program that is gaining attention across the United States before it even begins. Semester Online, created by 2U, brings together a number of prestigious colleges and[...]

ProctorFree - ProctorFree Selected As a Finalist for NC IDEA