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Possible Cheating Epidemic for Online Education

With the rise of online education there comes the outbreak of cheaters. Educators are scurrying to stay ahead of the game in cheating. Online courses have emerged for participants (mostly professors) to teach ways of identifying and catching[...]

MOOCs Could Help You Be a Successful College Student

Many have under estimated the value MOOCs can offer students and at no cost. Feynaman Liang, a 21-year-old attending Dartmouth and Amherst for a dual degree in engineering and biophysics, has completed over 36 massive open online courses and believes

Proctoring an Exam in the Middle of the Night

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Gail Winter, assistant director of the International Studies Office of Wesleyan University. She was presented with a Cardinal Achievement Award this month for her extra efforts. Read the article here:  [...]

Locking in Higher Standards for Online Authenticity

Since the impetus law was passed in 2008, colleges offering online courses are cracking down on making sure the correct student receiving financial aid for the class is actually the one doing the work. This law was enacted to require colleges to[...]

Focus on School Reputation Versus Amenities

Potential Drop in Tuition Attracts Students to Online Courses

Student enrollment for online classes is steadily increasing. Is this because students prefer online studies? Or is lower cost the motivating factor? The Prospector, student news from University of Texas at El Paso, released an article viewing both[...]

Children on Campus? How Being a Parent Could Cost You an Education.

Recently, there has been uproar about a mother bringing her baby on campus to take an exam. The article stated that the student was asked to leave without taking the exam and with no make-up. Are college’s legally responsible to accommodate parents?

University Faculty Debates Long Term Value of MOOCs

Many professors, as well as students, have questioned the validity of online classes that are flooding into higher education. Professors are worried this transition will hinder students in their learning and degrade overall quality of diplomas. This[...]

Online Courses will Revolutionize Higher Education

Oh yeah? Says who?

Colleges Ease Burden of Growth with Online Courses

Why are colleges turning to online courses to grow their student base? There are plenty of reasons. Here are a few: